President Nana Akufo-Addo has revealed he has held a secret meeting with President Faure Gnassingbe of Togo to resolve the political crisis in the Francophone country.

“The Togolese President came to see me in Tamale ten days ago, and we are talking to see how we can bring this crisis to a closure and bring stability back to Togo. It is in our interest to do so,” Nana Akufo-Addo disclosed on Monday at a meeting with traditional leaders in Aflao in the Volta Region.

The chiefs and elders of Aflao, a town close to the Ghana-Togo border, are concerned about the situation in Togo and its effects on Ghana, as some Togolese flee the country to the town.

Sporadic protests in Togo by opposition parties are destabilising the country and making the movement of goods and people from neighboring countries through the country difficult.

The protests are aimed at getting the country to return to the use of the 1992 constitution which imposes limits in presidential terms heightens.

There have been reports of brutalities as Togo Forces quell each of the protests.

“The events that have taken place next door in Togo, are disturbing for all of us and especially for you, I know what it means. I remember vividly in 2005 when the former President Eyadema died, there were problems over the succession.

“Over 100,000 refugees stringed across the border. Many of them I think are still there. They have not gone back to Togo, so I know that anything that happens in Togo is a matter of very great concern and it is a concern to me and the people of Ghana. 

"The appeal we are making are falling on very sympathetic ears. I am not staying idle on this matter. We are acting. Let us pray for the blessing of the Almighty, and we can find a solution that will be in the interest of the people of Togo and by implication the people of Ghana,” he told the traditional leaders in Aflao.

Meanwhile, at least 26 Togolese nationals are in the grips of Ghana’s security forces for attempting to stage an unlawful demonstration in Accra over the political situation in their country.

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